I have been asked about my beauty secrets and beauty favorites numerous times by both my close friends and my Instagram community. Beauty is relative and subjective. I believe that I possess both internal and external beauty.

I believe that the secret to me aging gracefully is that I hydrate and moisturize. I drink tons of water, 30-64 ounces of water daily and watch what I eat. I mostly eat organic and non GMO foods. I eat fish, seafood, vegetables, and fruits. I do eat meat a few times per month. Also, I enjoy myself when I dine at restaurants. I do not drink soda at all. 

In terms of beauty products, I do indeed have several that I love. However, I am not married to any facial cleaners or foundations as I switch up often.  There are so many great ones out there and so it is hard to narrow down a cleanser or foundation. I have used drug store facial cleaners such as Cetaphil to high end ones like Le Mer. With the facial cleaners i have used, I have not been able to see a noticeable difference between them all. For foundations, I have used Clinique, Black Opal, MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Armani and they are all great. Below you will find my tried and true beauty favorites. 

CHANEL La Crème Main

This is a super moisturizing, luxurious hand-cream with a fresh scent. I keep this hand cream in my purse. It is perfect for when I am out and I wash my hands. I apply a small amount, that goes a long ways.

CHANEL No 5 Gold Body Oil

This body oil is a 10. I wore this body oil for the first time when I was in Ghana last December and it has been my go to ever since. This oil has small gold flakes inside that are visible to the eye especially in the sun. I love to use it when I wear an off the shoulder shirt or if I wear a dress and I am barelegged. This oil keeps my skin shiny but not greasy. And the fragrance is so pleasant.

Farmacy Honey Grail

This a light weight and super moisturizing facial oil. I use it after I wash my face daily. This oil is not sticky at all. It is fast absorbing and light weight. I love this face oil.

Fenty Eaze Drop Skin Tint

I wear the shade 21 and out of all of the foundations I have ever worn,  I have to say, this skin tint matches my complexion perfectly. This skin tint provides a light and natural coverage with a flawless finish. It’s perfect. I love it for when I do not want to wear a full face of makeup. 

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

This body lotion is incredible. It is  fast absorbing and deeply moisturizing. I believe that this lotion is also long lasting. My skin feel so smooth after I apply it.

Kiehl’s Lip Balm

I legit have been using this lip balm for at least 20 years. It is just that great that I have bought this product countless times over the last two decades. It helps keep my lips soft and supple as well as moisturized.

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