Recently, I was asked by an Instagram follower to compile a list of restaurants in New York City  that I enjoy and recommend. I have been dining in New York City forever and a day so I do have favorite go-to restaurants. Theses restaurants have great food, service, and ambiance. This will be a running list because I am constantly going out and there are also several other restaurants I am dying to try namely Raos in East Harlem.

Beauty and Essex’s Red Velvet Waffles

Beauty and Essex
I blogged about Beauty and Essex a long time ago. Beauty and Essex is legendary. When you first arrive and walk in, it looks like you are in a pawn shop but if you keep walking, you walk into a swanky restaurant. A few of my favorite dishes are the red velvet waffles, the tuna poke wonton tacos, and the Mexican street corn ravioli.


Boucherie Steak Frites

Boucherie is a traditional French restaurant. I have only gone to the West Village location and y’all it’s a whole vibe. It has 3 floors with an open concept  kitchen where you can watch the chef prepare meals. Boucherie reminds me of an indoor Parisian cafe. I love the steak frites.


Buddakhan Tea Smoked Short Ribs

Buddakhan is an Asian fusion restaurant. The food at Buddakhan is just so great that when I have  gone I have ordered multiple appetizers. The lobster egg rolls and tea smoked short ribs are my favorite dishes.


Carmine’s Lemon Chicken Scallopini

Carmines, is an old school, family-style Italian restaurant. I have been to Carmines so many times and I love it so much. If I had to choose a favorite dish, it would be the lemon chicken scallopini with lemon garlic cream sauce. This dish is absolutely amazing and I like it paired with linguine. I really do like trying different foods when I dine at restaurants but I must say, I just love the lemon chicken so much that I have ordered it numerous times at Carmines. Carmines even has delicious table bread.  Carmines has a large dining room with pictures on the wall. I almost feel like this restaurant should have been in the movie The Godfather. I only go to the 91st and Broadway location, it is the original location.


Naya’s Falafel

Naya Mezze Grille
Y’all so  Lebanese is my absolute favorite type of food and so Naya’s makes me so happy. I blogged  about this restaurant Naya in the past but honestly all of the food here is scrumptious. I love the baked eggplant, falafel, and I love the Kafka Kebab.


Red Rooster’s Shrimp and Grits

Red Rooster
Red Rooster Harlem is located in the heart of Harlem hence the name. This is Mark Samuelson’s soul food restaurant. Former president Barack Obama has even dined at Red Rooster in the past. Red Rooster has such amazing food but if I had to choose one thing on the menu I’d have to say the shrimp and grits. I’m such a supporter of Mark Samuelson and Red Rooster that I even bought his cook book. In the cook book, he has the recipe for short ribs he cooked for President  Obama. I made the recipe at home and it is divine.


Restoration Hardware Rooftop’s Lobster Roll

Restoration Hardware Rooftop
Whenever I think of RH rooftop, I am inclined to say is RH is such a vibe. Y’all  the ambiance at RH is hands down gorgeous. The chandeliers, marble tables, and greenery are breathtaking. Even the bathroom is stunning. I like dining at RH rooftop during the summertime and for brunch. I love their perfectly seasoned burgers and lobster rolls.


Upland’s Lobster Cavatelli

Upland is a California inspired restaurant with food and ambiance that are outstanding. While I have tried many different entrees, my dish of choice is the Lobster Cavatelli.


Up Thai’s Tom Kha Soup

Up Thai
Up Thai is my absolute favorite Thai restaurant. It’s a small and quaint restaurant. Some of my favorite dishes are the Thai Crepe Dumplings,  Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce. I also love their Tom Kha Soup which is soup with coconut-galangal broth. I am not an eater of eggs so I can not speak to their Pad Thai. However, I have been with people who say they enjoy the Pad Thai.

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