I believe that patterned and printed tights are an absolute must for the winter and fall months. I have both high end and more affordable tights that vary in shades and style. In terms of luxury, I have FENDI black sheer tights. I have been wanting a pair of neutral colored luxury tights.  I saw another blogger/influencer with the Gucci GG Supreme Beige/ebony tights on and immediately fell in love with them.

Price and Design
I went into the Gucci Soho location and bought the GG Supreme beige/ebony tights. I paid $350 plus tax for the tights. One thing to note is that Gucci tights are considered intimate apparel and so when one purchases them, it is considered final sale.

The tights are made of 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane. The tights are thick and very durable.  The tights also have a moderate amount of stretch.

The tights are available in a size small, medium, and large. Unfortunately, one is not able to try on the tights before purchasing them at Gucci. There is a size chart available for reference but that is about it. I bought the size large and although the tights fit me, I could have gone up a size. I love when brands are size inclusive and so it would be nice for Gucci to offer the tights in XL, 2X, 3X and beyond. Us curvy women are fashion forward and love luxury.

In terms of styling, I have worn my Gucci tights already. I paired the tights with a brown faux leather dress that I bought from Zara a few seasons ago along with a beige body suit from SKIMS. I also wore neutral Christian Louboutin  pumps. I already have another outfit lined up to wear because I will absolutely get my money’s worth. I will be wearing a chocolate bodysuit and a pink leather skirt with the Gucci tights.

All in all, I am so happy I pulled the trigger and bought the Gucci supreme tights. I love the thickness and design of the tights. I love the neutral tone of the tights and so I look forward to all of the many ways to style them. I would absolutely buy them again if Gucci comes out with another color.


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