Ok y’all, I have had an online presence for a couple of years now.  While I am pretty transparent with my follower community, I realized I have not given you all some deets about myself like my favorite foods and scents, as well as my first luxury purchase. So here are the top 15 things that come to mind when I think about myself. Enjoy.

  1. Currently, my Favorite designer is CHANEL. CHANEL can do no wrong in my eyes. In summer of 2020, I even wrote a blog post on CHANEL. In my late teens, 20s, and even early 30s Louis Vuitton was my favorite. It is now CHANEL but some honorable mentions are BALENCIAGO and VALENTINO.
    BALENCIAGA Knife Mules


    VALENTINO V-Logo Belt
  2. In terms of sense of style, I would have to say I have been inspired by several people. Hands down, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City could never do wrong in my opinion. Her style was just so daring and fashion forward. I have actually gone back and looked at old episodes recently. And until this very day,  Carrie nailed it in the fashion department. Also, I loved Olivia Pope’s sense of style on Scandal. I would define her sense of style as classic and elegant. In terms of social media influencers, I would have to say the beautiful Kyrzayda Rodriguez was the GOAT. She unfortunately died of stomach cancer in 2018 but I loved her mix of high end and affordable pieces of clothing. Kyrzayda’s style was impeccable and just simply, chic. A few of my favorite Instagram fashion influencers in no specific order are Amanda Murray known as London Girl in NYC; Yamiko, S4de_u, and Aimee Song. All of these ladies are so fierce and have such an amazing sense of style in my opinion.
  3. I own the entire David Chapelle series on DVD and my all time favorite skit was the Trading Spouses one of Dave playing the dad with both families. The skit was/is beyond hilarious.
  4. I do not eat eggs. I did however master the technique of preparing eggs for other people. I have been told I cook them well. I can never do a taste test to confirm for myself. Ha.
  5. All time favorite rapper is Jay-Z. He is a living legend hands down. Jay-Z could never do a Verzuz. No other rapper compares to his style, bars, and musical catalog in my opinion. No one. If I had to choose one of Jay-Z’s songs as a favorite, I have to say Dead Presidents II but Blueprint 2 is up there too.
  6. I do not have any tattoos but I recently saw the dopest tattoo of Roman numerals. It seems like getting a tattoo is painful and I am not a fan of pain. 
  7. I earned my Bachelors in Psychology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA and my Masters in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University in NYC. I have a clinical licensure and can clinically diagnose someone. Also, I could technically have my own private practice to provide psychotherapy should I ever choose to do so.
  8. My all time favorite type of food is Lebanese. I love all things Lebanese food. But if I had to specify, I love shawarma, baba ganoush, and labneh.
  9. My all time favorite meme is “Release my people from the shackles of Hennessy.” Hennessy also known as Henny has such strong hold on people and I believe there are other great drinks out there. Oh and do not let anyone get some Hennessy White…they really do not know how to act lol….I’m adding Moscato and Crown Royal to the category of drinks people need to stop drinking in 2021 lol. Ha!
  10. Hanae Mori Butterly is my all time favorite fragrance. 
  11. I love all of the Real Housewives franchises. Out of all of the franchises, I would have to say I enjoy Atlanta, Potamac, Beverly Hills, and NYC the most. My all time favorite Real Housewives’ tag line is by Lisa Vanderpump. And she has two taglines that I absolutely love. ”The Queen of Diamonds always has an ace up her sleeve.”  “Throw me to the wolves and I shall return, leading the pack.”
  12. I eat grits with cheese. To each his own, but I am sorry lol…. I do not understand those folks who put sugar, milk, and ketchup in their grits. It is my belief, that milk and sugar belong in oatmeal and ketchup belongs on French fries lol. I am just saying. Ha!
  13. I do not eat hot sauce at all. Growing up, both of my parents used hot sauce on their food. I never took a liking to it and so I do not use it at all.
  14. I was and still am team #guccimane when it came to Gucci Mane vs Jeezy Verzuz.
  15. The first luxury goods that I bought with my own money was a Louis Vuitton monogram wallet and pochette.  I worked at a psychiatric hospital while in college.  And so, I saved up for it and pulled the trigger. I still own both.
    My Louis Vuitton wallet I bought in college


    *In the feature picture of this blog post, I am wearing a Michael Kors Printed Cotton Lawn Mini Dress.

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