Ok so I have been wanting to write about Christian Louboutin or “red bottoms” for a good while and now I’m finally doing so. Christian Louboutin shoes are one of the most coveted shoes amongst most fashionistas. The name is synonymous with sexy, elegant, and all around chicness. One of the most popular styles of the red bottom shoe, is the So Kate.

The So Kate has a skinny heel and is known to elongate your legs and allegedly give you the perfect stride. The single sole, 120 millimeter (mm) or 4.72 inch shoe is known as the dinner shoe. You go to dinner and then, you immediately take them off.

Truth be told, So Kate’s are very uncomfortable. I admittedly have a mean strut in heels but not in the So Kate’s my friends. I had the black patent leather ones and I could not wear them much at all. Walking in the shoe was painful; I could barely walk in them let alone have a “perfect stride”- ha.  Subsequently, I had to sell my black So Kate heels.

I once heard a YouTuber say buy a pair of So Kate heels then take them to the shoe parlor and have the heel height reduced. I immediately laughed to myself at the foolishness and I thought “girl bye”-sorry not sorry but God knows my heart. Why would one buy the So Kate for $695 and then take the shoe to a shoe parlor and pay more money to get the heel height reduced. However, I would pay for a sole guard to protect the red bottom of the shoe.

Kate heels

Instead of buying the So Kate red bottoms my friends, I recommend buying the “Kate” which is junior to the So Kate. The heel is not as high and it is more comfortable. As a matter of fact, the heel is 100mm or 3.92 inches. Your legs still look amazing in the shoe and you can actually walk in the shoe. You will be able to wear them before, during, and after dinner. 

All and all, Christian Louboutin shoes are simply fabulous! If you have some disposable cash, it is definitely worth buying. However, opt for the Kate and not the So Kate heels.  You will thank me later.

10 Replies to “So Kate vs. Kate”

  1. Is it just the difference in height vs the look? I love the look of the so kate but i dont think i can do the 120mm . Is the Kate also the same look ? Just different in height . I am planning to get a pair and i am unsure

    1. Hi thanks for your question. The So Kate and the Kate are the same style of shoe but the heel height is different. My recommendation would be to choose Kate because the heel height is lower and easier to walk in. Thanks.

  2. So what’s the difference between the Christian Louboutin “Kate” and the Decollette? Is one more comfortable than the other? I was about to go with the Decollette before reading your blog post. I also have So Kates that are pretty much closet decoration these days. I could wear them briefly prior to the COVID pandemic. But now that I’ve been out of them for over a year my feet say… Nope! LOL!!

  3. Hi Sherri. Do you wear shoes that’s 85mm? If yes, how did you find the heel difference to Kate 100mm? I guess what I’m trying to say/ask, if a person usually wears 85mm and move up to 100mm – how easy or hard would that be in terms of walking? Hope I am making sense. Thank you.

    1. Hi, I want to buy my wife the Kate 100mm and I’m nervous about size. Her other heels are 8/38, would 38.5 be a safe bet ?

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