Over the last few weeks, I’ve been so angry about the multiple incidents of racism including but not limited to the George Floyd murder. My outrage for other people’s experiences of racism, also dredged up tons of emotions for incidences I experienced. I’ve been counted out for being black, racially profiled, and followed in stores; you name it, I have experienced it.

So while these weeks have been emotional for me and most of the world, I had to remind myself of the the importance of self care. Meaning taking a break when necessary and doing things I enjoy to protect my peace and mental health-these include relaxing, cooking, reading a good book or magazine, listening to podcasts, or watching a funny movie.

In the middle of my quest for self care, I made my weekly Target run. While there, I pursued the book/magazine aisle and came across Ayesha Curry’s new magazine, Sweet July. I was so excited to dive in, I couldn’t make it home quick enough to read it.

Once I made it home, I put on my recently purchased knit tank and knit shorts from the SKIMS cozy collection. Theses pieces definitely live up to the hype. The softness of the fabric and the comfortability of the loungewear definitely put me in place where I felt at ease and “cozy”.  I highly recommend SKIMS cozy collection. I paid $52 for the tank and $58 for the shorts. It’s pricey but worth it.

So in my relaxed state, I kicked up my feet and read Sweet July, front to back. I couldn’t believe I read the entire magazine in only one sitting because it’s that great. This magazine is packed with goodies from interviews, stories, recipes to fashion and beauty. Well done Ayesha! I absolutely love Sweet July! And I can’t wait to try the recipe for the Jerk Chicken Thighs with Fresh Peach Salsa. 

All and all, in these current times, it’s so imperative to take care of oneself and do things that bring joy. While activism and advocacy is necessary, it’s absolutely okay to take a break. We can’t show up for others,  if we aren’t good to our own selves.


Sweet July by Ayesha Curry
Cozy Tank by SKIMS
Cozy Shorts by SKIMS

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