So I did it, I splurged! I bought the Fendi pantyhose that I’ve been wanting for a while now. I saved for them, went to Fendi, and pulled the trigger.

Before doing so, I called my mom and asked her how much she’d pay for stockings.  She said no more than $10. Ha! That’s my mom for you-she’s very, very frugal. See growing up, my mom and dad were both really good with saving their money. However, my dad was extravagant. Gold watch this, three piece suit that. I “stunt like my daddy” but I also understand the importance of saving.

Fendi doesn’t allow a prospective buyer to try on their pantyhose in the store; one cannot return them if they do not fit-they are final sale. So this was my thought process before I bought the stockings: 1) What if they didn’t fit? The stockings only went up to size Large and I was unsure about the sizing. I knew that based on the weight chart used by Fendi, I’d fit the stockings but European sizes are not always comparable to US sizes 2) What if I bought them, put them on and I ripped them or got a run in them? Would I put nail polish on the run? -ouch that would be dreadful. I bought them and they did fit-hallelujah ha! 

How I wore my Fendi pantyhose?

The Fendi pantyhose are such a statement piece and so choosing the right shoe was important. My personal preference for wearing such a high-end piece was to pair them with designer high heels. I wore them with black patent leather Christian Louboutin So Kate 120mm heels. I knew black pantyhose with the black shoe and pop of red would be a total look. I also styled it with a black leather skirt, brown faux-fur vest, and a beige turtleneck. There are numerous styling options for these tights so stay tuned. I will wear my pantyhose a gazillion times to absolutely get my money’s worth.

Where I wore it to?

I wore my pantyhose to the museum and dinner but honestly I’d wear these to any formal event.

Do I regret the purchase?

I bought the pantyhose and don’t regret it one bit! I believe in the motto “YOLO”. I work hard and so I believe in splurging at times just not always. However, I would never forego a bill to buy designer duds but once everything is paid and I’ve saved for it #whynot.

2 Replies to “My Fendi Pantyhose Purchase #yolo”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! Some of us including myself feel guilty for splurging at times. I recently made multiple huge purchases and felt guilty about it. But like you said, once all bills are paid for and I’ve saved up, then I should be good to go. Additionally, I worked hard to live a certain lifestyle and to be able to afford certain things, and now that I can afford some of it, why feel guilty? Nonetheless, I think my comment went off tangent. Thanks for the story behind your Fendi pantyhose, they look gorg on you!

    1. Thanks for reading and thanks for the compliment. Right if you can have disposable cash after paying bills, why not. And another key is to just save for it. Saving $30 dollars a month for 12 months, buys the stockings-it would also make you feel less guilty.

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