The Holidays are the perfect gift giving season. It is the time of year where you can express your appreciation to your loved ones and buy them something they either want or need.

When I speak of what a person may need, I am not speaking of buying them socks because I am sure we all have been gifted sock in the past. While that is a necessity, no one really wants to receive socks as a gift. Also, I am sure that we all been gifted that random hat/glove set at Christmas or Hanukkah that you probably never even worn; more than likely it is probably tucked away in the back of your closet.

I like to think of myself as the best gift giver as I am thoughtful. Ha! I listen and take heed to what a person may want or need throughout the year. I have a friend who loves makeup and so once I gifted her a Pat McGrath eyeshadow palate. I have a cousin who loves taking cooking classes at Sur La Table and so I gave her a gift card to that store. I have a friend who is  part of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity and he loves wine; so, I bought him wine glasses with the fraternity symbol engraved on it.

In short, my preference is giving and receiving personalized gifts. However, there may be a friend that you simply may not know what to buy for them. I have rounded up a list of gifts all of which I personally own and that I know another person would love to receive. Gifts perfect for the Jetsetter, Fashionista, Cook, and Beauty Guru. On my list, I have also included the Rihanna Coffee Table book; the perfect gift for a Renaissance woman!


The Rihanna Book sold by Amazon-Perfect Gift for a Renaissance Woman $100


Cashmere-Lined Leather Tech Gloves by Neiman Marcus via Last Call- Perfect Gift for the Fashionista $63


Mini Round Cocotte by Le Creuset- Perfect Gift for the Cook $26


La Crème Main hand-creme by CHANEL-Perfect Gift for the Beauty Guru $50


A City Guide by Louis Vuitton- The Perfect Gift for the Jetsetter $ 37

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