If you have been following my Instagram insta-stories, you know that this is my favorite time of the year, excluding my birthday in April. I have already decided on what my Christmas tree theme will be this year and that’s rose gold. Also, I started shopping for decorations this weekend. And while I love all things that encompass lifestyle-decor, fashion, travel, beauty, etc., I am equally passionate about mental health.

I realize that this time of year, can cause the “holiday blues” or what some of us clinicians call Seasonal Affective Disorder. The seasons have changed, it gets darker outside earlier, and the holiday season-Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year-is approaching quickly. Thus, the holiday season can cause some to have a myriad of emotions including some to feel sad, depressed, isolated-or all of the above.

Some people may not have family nearby-as their family could reside elsewhere or on a different continent; people may not have family at all which could be the result of death. People could have estranged family because they decided for whatever reason, to cut ties with them-just think about Drew Barrymore and Marc Jacobs. Also, I have some friends who grew up in foster care and they never had a sense of home.

I commission everyone to be sensitive, caring, and check on your strong friends. Your smile, hello, or lending ear could be all that they need to survive this season. And if you believe that your friend is really struggling emotionally, why not recommend seeing a professional? Happy Holidays, everyone!

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