The weather has been disrespectful recently! Ha! And while Autumn is my favorite season, it seems like it has come and gone. It legit feels like we are in the throes of winter although the season does not officially start until the end of January in the United States.

I have a very specific barometer I use for cold weather detection. When I am outside having a conversation, and if I can see my breath as I speak, then it is cold. Ha! And so, I have my go-to, cold weather accessories that keep me stylish namely hats. Generally I wear hats year round, but during the cold weather months I wear either wool, fur, or cashmere hats because they keep my head warm.

In the picture above, where I have on the burgundy fur headband, I was going for a monochromatic look and so I paired it with a burgundy sweatshirt; it matched perfectly. The styling options are countless with a fur headband or fur hat.  I am also a sucker for fur earmuffs. Fur, regardless of real or faux, will keep one’s ears warm. 

Also, this season I purchased a black, wool and cashmere Valentino beanie. I love the black because of the sleekness and versatility of the color; the black with the white logo, can take a very casual look from nondescript to stylish and upscale.

Lastly, I love a wool beret for Fall or Winter. Not only are berets timeless and classic but there are many styling options with the hat itself. If it is really cold outside you can pull the beret over your ears. If it is not that cold, you can wear it tilted on your head. Below, I have rounded up my favorites.


Faux Fur Headband by Amazon



Fox Earmuffs by Amazon



Wool Beret by Banana Republic
Wool Hat by Valentino

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