Self Care to me is taking care of oneself from a spiritual, emotional, and physical standpoint. Many of us are caretakers and responsible for people other than ourselves. In my case, I have an aging mother and I am the only child. I love my mom and so I have to make sure I show up my best self for her. And I do that by being good to myself. Other than the obvious and occasional spa day, which is important in my book, these are five things I do for self care which are basically free.

  1. Unplug- Sometimes I am so connected to my phone between calls, text messages, etcetera.  I have an IPhone and there is functionality that allows me to set the phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ so calls and notifications are silenced; only my favorites can ring through for emergencies. This is necessary for me to be able to live in the moment and be present. While I am unplugged, I make it a point to read a  good magazine or book; that way I am totally immersed in what I am reading and not disturbed.
  2. Quiet-Car-I sit in the quiet-car while commuting to work on the train. I use this time to meditate and clear my thoughts as I prepare for my day. And on my way back from work, I unwind in the quiet-car.
  3. Cook-I make myself a fancy meal. Whether using an old, tried and true recipe of my own or trying someone else’s recipe, I love the entire process from beginning to end. First figuring out what I will make and going to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. Then preparing the meal and lastly, consuming it.
  4. Clean-Clutter drives me crazy. So whether it is cleaning my car out or reorganizing my closet, I notice that when I am super organized, I feel good.
  5. Church- I make it a point to go to church most Sundays. Not only have I grown from a spiritual standpoint, but the sermon honestly sets the tone for my week. After attending and fellowshipping, I feel like I can conquer anything that is seemingly insurmountable that may come my way.

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