I like the finer things in life and I have always had expensive taste even as a child. Growing up, my mother always told me I had “champagne taste with beer money” which is laughable to me now as an adult. Truth be told, I love traveling and shopping and so I have developed ways over the years to do the things I love. Even the most wealthy, like saving a buck even when they have a substantial savings account. Just watch Million Dollar Listing; people featured on that tv show and wealthy people in general, like negotiating and saving money-point. blank. period.
In one of my previous Instagram posts, I spoke about balance. And in life we must always have balance and practicality because being extreme with anything, is unrealistic in my humble opinion. If I apply this school of thought to shopping, I am not above going into the dollar store or Target to buy things yet I shop at Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.  So to answer the question, can one luxuriate and still save money..indeed they can. This blog post is for people who like luxuriating but also like being practical.
Here are my four hacks for saving money:
  • Consignment Shops-I buy from consignment shops. The dress I am wearing in the picture, retailed for $395 and I paid only $54. The purse I am wearing in the picture by Foley & Corina retails for $138 and I paid $40.
    I bought a barely used Missoni dress for $150 that retailed for over $1000. I also purchased a Ralph Lauren blazer new with tags for $49. In Switzerland, I bought a Chanel shirt for $91. I would encourage everyone to do a simple google search on consignment shops in their local area. And when you have a chance,  go and check out the stores. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. 
  • Discounted Gift Cards- I buy discounted gift cards from the website CardCash. This website sells physical and electronic discounted gift cards. They have stores that range from Nordstrom and Saks to restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory. And on top of the discounted prices posted, Cardcash sends weekly emails featuring stores offering an additional savings.
  • Price Adjustments- Many stores offer price adjustments. For instance, imagine buying a pair of shoes for $100 one week and then the next week, the store is having a 30% off sale for full priced items. Many stores will give a price adjustment if you bring in the receipt within 7-14 days of the purchase date and they will refund you the difference. The same shoes priced at $100 that go on sale for 30% off, will save you an extra $30 that goes back into your pocket if you qualify for a price adjustment.  My recommendation would be to ask the store for their policy regarding price adjustments when purchasing goods.  Here a several stores that offer price adjustments along with their current policies. Please click on the store’s name to view the policy:
  • Discount Clothiers-I shop at discount stores such as Neiman Marcus’s Last Call, Nordstrom Rack, T. J. Maxx, and Marshalls. In the featured picture for this post, I am wearing a lambskin leather Burberry jacket I bought from Nordstrom Rack for $400; that jacket originally retailed at $1500. I have gone into the T.J. Maxx Runway in NYC and they had designer shoes such as Christian Loubitan, Valentino, and Jimmy Choo selling for less than the original retail price. My thing is why pay full price if you can get something at a discount and save money.

4 Replies to “Luxuriating While Saving Money. Is this possible?”

  1. I love going to the Barneys outlet and I love consignment shops. NYC , Chicago and Miami are home to some of my favorite consignment/thrift shops.

  2. I’m traveling to New York from Jamaica next Thursday and this is one my do do list; check out some thrift stores. Loving the content as usual and congrats on such great finds.

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