I have always known that the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic is the must attend, summer kick-off event. However, I never attended in the past due to either traveling or the tickets being sold out. This year I attended and it was everything! I have never seen so many people, in one place, dressed so elegantly and classy. Many women had on beautiful dresses with big hats and men wore suits with fresh, white sneakers. 

Ok rewind! 

This year, my friend and I planned to attend together months in advance. And the day that the tickets were set to be released, I logged onto the app on my cell phone and also logged onto the desktop version on my laptop, at the same time. I wanted to make sure I had a back up just in case one method did not work. The ticket release time was set for 1pm and at that exact time, I bought my ticket on the app. To make a long story short, my friend who was supposed to attend with me, wasn’t able to because the tickets sold out within minutes. 

Leading up to the event, I tried on multiple dresses but decided to wear a floral Rebecca Taylor dress with nude Sam Edelman heels. I found the dress, new with tags, at one of my favorite consignment shops-Green Street in Princeton, New Jersey. The original price was $325 and I paid only $59. 

Below I have outlined some pointers that I think are helpful for anyone who has never attended but plan to go in the future.

  1. Parking- I paid $3.45 to park at the Liberty State Park Train Station around the corner from Liberty Science Center (LSC) and walked 1/4 of a mile to the LSC to take the shuttle. I did this because instructions for the event indicated that no parking was available at LSC. However, I saw many, many people who actually paid to park on the premises. I guess the thought was to not have non-visitors of the LSC, fill up their parking lot. 
  1. Shuttle Service-Make sure you use the restroom prior to taking the shuttle service because you’re not allowed to use the restroom for free at LSC. You can always use a porta potty on the grounds of the event. However, if you donate $5 to LSC, they’ll let you use the bathroom. I opted to donate the money to the LSC to use their restroom; donating to a good cause plus access to the bathroom equals a no brainer. 
  1. Food-There are many food vendors at the event so no need to bring a picnic basket if you want to pack/travel light. The vendors sell a variety of foods ranging from lobster rolls to fish tacos. You can also buy Veuve Clicquot champagne including bottles which came with a champagne sleeve. It’s pricey but convenience costs.
  1. Take flats- I wore Sam Edelman nude high heeled sandals but also brought a pair of Ferragamo slides with me to the event. I’m happy that I did because I wore the flats most of the time; the grounds were wet from the rain the prior day. Plus, there was a lot of walking. 
  1. Ticket Type-There are two types of tickets for admission-General Admission (GA) and Rose Garden. I bought a GA ticket which gave me access to the grounds to have a picnic with hundreds, if not thousands of others. The next time when I go, I’ll buy a Rose Garden ticket which is more exclusive, plus you get chair to sit in and it’s less crowded. Again, convenience. Sometimes I want to pack light and not have to bring a picnic basket, blanket, food, or chair. 

All in all, the Veuve Clicquot is a fabulous event. I went solo but I’m a pretty gregarious person so I knew that I’d meet people there. And sure enough I did; I met three new friends. I recommend anyone who has ever wanted to go, go. Would I go again? Absolutely. 

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