The first time I heard the buzz words “statement piece” was when a friend of mine told me that I needed a statement necklace. And while statement necklaces are a popular wardrobe piece, quite honestly, it doesn’t fare with my personal style. I’m more of the fine jewelry-necklace type of gal. 

Statement pieces can vary from necklaces which I noted above to earrings, shoes, and purses and I could go on and on. Statement pieces can take a simple outfit and make it bold and striking. I like to wear beautifully constructed, understated clothing; and so I wear standout shoes or purses that add an eye catching element to my outfit. 

However, statement sunglasses are my favorite type of statement piece. if I could have wear them everyday, I would. Check out a few of my favorite, I’ve rounded up below. 

BE4291 38 by Burberry


FN000346 by Fendi


AR6069 by Giorgio Armani


MU 06SS by Mui Mui

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