The myth that one needs to wait until Memorial Day before rocking the color white is an old, antiquated myth. People should wear what they want, when they want.  Fashion and personal style is just that; people should adhere to their own rules. I think that white is such a versatile color and being restricted to just wearing it from Memorial Day until Labor Day is absurd.
       In my humble opionion, what does matter is weather and fabric. Now would I wear linen in the winter? No I would not because linen is such a thin fabric; I would be too cold but that’s just me. And I would not wear a fur coat during the summer time because I would be too hot. I like to be comfortable and dress according to the weather and temperature outdoors. Check out my favorite white jeans that I have rounded up below. I am wearing the J. Crew jeans in the picture for this post. Please see link below.

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