I wanted to take the time out to tell everyone that TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE!!!  (both literally and figuratively). Time is so precious and tomorrow is never promised. Within last year and a half, I have experienced both the deaths of my friend who died in a motor vehicle accident and the death of my grandfather who suffered from medical complications. I believe in living life to the utmost because here today and gone tomorrow.

As a youngster, I was inspired by my favorite movie Flashdance. Alex who is the movie’s central character, was putting off applying to a dance conservatory because she feared not getting admitted. In the film, Hannah, an older mentor to Alex, tells her to “do it now.”  I decided that I’d never be Alex! 

So often I speak to friends who tell me how I inspire them because of how I go after what I want in life; whether it’s starting a business or traveling the world solo. Many people have goals and dreams but are too afraid to step out on faith and live out loud. If you have an idea, pray about it, research it, come up with an action plan, and simply go for it. And never be afraid to ask for help. Take the leap. 

I encourage everyone to not be afraid of failure. Conversely, don’t procrastinate because that’s also another way fear can manifest itself. For me, the fear is not in failure but the fear is in not trying. Go for what you want and desire.

And since I’m on the subject of time, watches are so classy and elegant; they add a level of sophistication to any outfit. In the age of cell phones, I don’t see many people who wear watches anymore but I still wear a watch. Here are my favorite timepieces-


Izzie Square Textile Strap Watch by Tory Burch
Trent Leather Strap Watch by Ted Baker
Serein Mini Diamond Watch Head & Bracelet by Michele
PR 100 Lady Small Bracelet Watch by Tissot


Bold Evolution Mesh Bracelet Watch by Movado

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  1. Love the post! I can most definitely relate to not wasting time, and going for what you want! Life’s a journey, why limit yourself by not putting in the time to conquer your dreams and aspirations❤️

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