Happy Tuesday folks! Recently, I went into one of my favorite grocery stores, Whole Foods where I was reminded of an important rule-of-thumb in life about taking risks. Risks are associated with everything in life; from driving a car to hailing a cab like I’m doing in the picture above. 

As I perused the different aisles of Whole Foods, I thought about how Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon has taken risks over the years. He has expanded his business model including but not limited to acquiring Whole Foods and Checkout Free Amazon Stores. I then did a simple Google search where I learned that Amazon stock price started at $15.66 over 20 years ago and the stock price was $1,857 per share as of Monday, 5/20/19. Think about all the people in the late 90s who took a risk and bought shares of Amazon stock. I’m sure they are all “sitting pretty” especially if they haven’t yet sold it. Taking risks can pay off, no pun intended. 

I could unpack taking risks and not just financial risks. But for the sake of this blog post, I will keep it brief.  I traveled to Cuba five years ago before it became a popular vacation destination and some may have constituted this as a risk. However, I had the most amazing time while there and it is definitely in my top 5 places to visit. The culture, people, music, and food of Cuba are one of a kind. And while some called my going there risky, it was one of the safest places I have ever been to while on vacation. I would highly recommend Cuba to anyone wanting to travel especially solo-just go!

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk.” ~Mark Zuckerberg

Check out my favorite trench coats below. I am wearing the Banana Republic trench in the picture for this post. Click on link for deets.


Water-Resistant Classic Trench Coat by Banana Republic
Kensington Long Trench Coat by Burberry
Women’s 2011 Icon Trench by J. Crew


Tattersall Cotton Trench Coat by Ralph Lauren

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