May is Mental Health Awareness month so I couldn’t let the month end without writing a blog on mental health. While I’m a lifestyle blogger and I’m passionate about fashion, food, beauty, and travel, I’ve also worked in the mental health industry for many years. Some may say I am an expert but I will humbly give my two cents on the topic of mental health.

The quote “A Smile is Worth a Thousand Words” by Julie A. Walker speaks volumes. You never know how your simple smile can turn someone’s crappy day, into a better day. A person could be contemplating suicide or battling depression; seeing your smile could prompt them to seek help. Also, someone’s smile could be masking their real feelings; just because a person presents well doesn’t mean they are well.

Even the most glamorous people face real life issues and one never knows what a person is battling with emotionally behind closed doors. I think about Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, two beloved people who ended their lives via suicide last year. About two months ago, I saw Wendy Williams bravely share with her audience her history of substance abuse and how she had been living in a sober house over the last couple of months. I applaud Wendy for being transparent and speaking her truth.

These are five tell tale signs that you or someone you know could be depressed and may need to seek help.

  1. One has been isolating from friends and family
  2. The things one used to enjoy, they don’t enjoy anymore (or in psych terms one is experiencing anhedonia)
  3. One has appetite disturbance such as overeating or not eating at all
  4. One has been using substances to self medicate such as drinking alcohol or using drugs
  5. One finds it more difficult to groom himself or herself

Here’s some resources for mental health support.

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