I recently went to Switzerland on vacation and visited Zurich, Lucerne, and the Swiss Alps where I ate good food, shopped, and relaxed. I did a spa day at the Dolder Grand, a luxury spa located in Zurich. I also went 200 feet above ground in a cable car in the Alps. I had the best beef tartare I’ve ever had in my life at my hotel’s restaurant.

Fun fact about Switzerland is that it is divided up into three sections: German, Italian, and French. And while a yellow cab is synonymous with New York, Mercedes Benz is the staple for taxi cabs in Switzerland.

The Swiss are reserved people and most shops close at 7pm.

If I had to highlight what I enjoyed the most about Switzerland, I would say the food and shopping in Zurich and the architecture in Lucerne.

Jules Verne – I went here the first night of my stay in Zurich and really enjoyed myself. This is a swanky cocktail bar where you can sip on a pretty cocktail, listen to soul music while taking in a panoramic view of Zurich. I’d definitively go back.

Confiserie Sprungli – I had the most rich, chocolate desserts at this dessert shop. Go and don’t think about being on a diet!

Fribourger Fondue – This place had the most amazing fondue I’ve ever had hands down. I had a mixed combination meal with potatoes, pineapples, pears, and bread that I dipped in savory melted cheese. Call and make a reservation as this place was very crowed and I can see why because of the good food and the hometown vibe.

LUX-I went into LUX, an authentic designer consignment shop while I was in Zurich and I was blown away by their selection of designer clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry. While I wanted to buy out the store, I ended up buying just a Chanel shirt for only $91. Luckily for  you and I, LUX has an online store you can peruse for great, gently used and used designer goods.

Lucerne: I took a 45 minute train ride from Zurich to Lucerne and wasn’t disappointed at all. While Zurich was more metropolitan, Lucerne reminded me of a medieval town. The featured image of this blog post and below are two pictures I took while in Lucerne. The architecture of Lucerne was absolutely breathtaking. If you visit Switzerland, please go to Lucerne to stroll streets and take in the pretty architecture.

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