Camo is a must for every wardrobe and I’d debate with someone about why I believe it’s a staple for every season and not just a trend. I love a good camo jacket or mini skirt. Below you will find me wearing a camo mini skirt with a graphic Helmut Lang tee shirt.

Below you will also see me wearing a camo jacket paired with a hat.

My favorite style for camo is pants. You can wear camo pants with a denim button down shirt or how I have it in the featured image of this post, camo pants with a white/black oxford shirt underneath a black sweater.

I’ve rounded up five Camo pants that I love.

Vintage Cargo pant in Camo by J. Crew
Jensen Prime Camo Jogger Pants by AFRM


Bridgette Crop by Lucky Brand



Juliette Camo Print Military Cargo Pants by Mavi Jeans


Hudson Jane Slim Camo Cargo Pants by Hudson Jeans

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  1. 🙌🙌🙌🙌 Nice write up. Somtimes i envy when i see people wear camo in other countries. It’s a restricted clothing apparel to wear here.

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